THE DREAM of being different at the edge of GDR (WT)

A good 50 years ago, a handful of artists declared the former socialist showcase city of Chemnitz an avant-garde happening zone. Whether performances or plein airs, artists’ festivals or cold-needle-etched collective works – the film traces the creative energy of »Karl-Murx-Stadt« with the protagonists of that time. How can the boundaries of the visible and the visible be shifted through art – despite or even because of all resistance? That is the main question of this filmic reconstruction of a unique chapter of East German art history and its living heritage on the eve of the Capital of Culture 2025.


Author & Director: Sylvie Kürsten
Producer: Nadja Smith, Gregor Streiber
Produced by: inselfilm produktion

Technical Details

Running time: 90 min
Year of Completion: 2025
Country of Production: Germany