Collaborative Documentary


As global temperatures keep rising, so does the call for accountability. This film follows the lawyers and farmers, parents and survivors across the world, who can no longer remain silent. They are facing their fears, finding their voice and risking their freedom to challenge the fossil fuel industry in court.


Author & Director: Mette Reitzel
Co-Directors: Loretta van der Horst (NL), Carlos Sánchez Giraldo (Peru),
Rachel Falcone & Michael Premo (US), Baby Ruth Vilarama (Philippines)
DoP: Fernando Barrientos, Carlos Sánchez Giraldo, Michael Premo
Consulting DoP: Siri Klug
Editor: John Mister
Contributing Editor: Christoffer Koller a.e.a | bfs
Producer: Nadja Smith (Germany)
Co-Producer: Julia Rombout, Reinier Selen (NL) and Thor Hampus Bank (DK)
Produced by: inselfilm produktion, Rinkel Film and Gotfat Productions
Funded by: Creative Europe Media Co-Development Fund


Technical Details

Running time: approx. 90 min
Year of Completion: 2023
Country of Production: Germany / The Netherlands

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