With a unique and independent access to a worldwide campaign and to the Ecuadorian embassy where WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange found his refuge, the film witnesses the struggle for the control of information, the growing influence of intelligence services, the role of the mass media, and the difficult balance of individual rights and state security.


Authors & Directors: Clara López and Juan Pancorbo
DoP: Christian Trieloff
Editor: Sven Kulik
Producer: Gregor Streiber
Produced by: inselfilm produktion
In co-production with: Media Sur, Canal Sur, RTBF, RSI, VRT and WDR
Commissioning Editor: Jutta Krug (WDR)

Technical Details

Running time: 52 & 90 min
Year of Production: 2017 / 2021
Country of Production: Germany
World Premiere: DocsBarcelona International Documentary Film Festival 2017
Available: in Germany on ARD Mediathek