Investigative documentary

Chronically Ignored

»Chronically Ignored« is an investigative documentary about a dark chapter in the history of medicine. Why has a devastating, multi-systemic disease like ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) been ignored, psychologized and misunderstood for decades? Over 25 million people worldwide were already suffering from the disease by the start of the pandemic. LongCovid has added millions and millions more. But nothing has changed yet: seriously ill people are still being ignored by politicians, the scientific and medical communities, the pharmaceutical industry and society and left alone without help. The same applies to those affected who are irreversibly damaged by fluoroquinolones, so-called “armored cabinet antibiotics”, and who suffer from similar agonizing symptoms.

What is going wrong in the healthcare system? The film »Chronically Ignored« is guided by this main question, interweaving the perspectives of those affected, science, politics and pharmaceutical research.


Author & Director: Sibylle Dahrendorf, Daniela Schmidt-Langels
Cinematography: Isabelle Casez
Editor: Anette Fleming
Creative Producer: Anahita Nazemi
Producer: Gregor Streiber, Johannes Rosenberger
Produced by: inselfilm produktion and Navigator Film
In Coproduction with: ZDF/Arte

Technical Details

Running time: 90min
Year of Completion: 2024
Country of Production: Germany, Austria