By chance, İbrahim Arslan, survivor of the racist arson attack in the City of Moelln 30 years ago, discovers letters from people who expressed their solidarity with the survivors at that time and which lay unnoticed for decades in the Moelln city archive. The film follows İbrahim Arslan on his search for the authors of the letters, seeks answers to the question of the disappearance of the letters, and discusses the fatal nature of German memory culture.


Author & Director: Martina Priessner
Cinematography: Ayşe Alacakaptan
Sound: Bilge Bingül
Editor: Maja Tennstedt
Producer: Nadja Smith, Gregor Streiber, Friedemann Hottenbacher
Produced by: inselfilm produktion
Funded by: Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (BKM)

Technical Details

Running time: 90 min
Year of Completion: 2023
Country of Production: Germany